Sunday, July 29, 2012

Why I am Walking?

      So perhaps you have been wondering...just why are you walking the country? To be perfectly honest I have been wondering a similar thing. I know and have known that this is what I should be doing in the near future but why? Yes part of it is just the thrill and excitement of going out on likely the greatest adventure of my life, escaping the reality and business of life and getting to see, really see a good portion of our country. But that in and of itself would not be enough to get me all the way across, there is something more and that is primarily to regain focus and fully surrender my life. To step way out of my comfort zone and my never ending future plans of getting my life in order and just being, and walking and learning. Now going on a 9+ month hike over 6,000 miles all the way across the country is a bit of an extreme measure, but I am convinced it is what I am supposed to do. I am going out on a big whim here not knowing anything really, God could do a wide number of things on and through me over the course of this journey. Not knowing and not knowing how to prepare is by far the most challenging thing about this trip. I would be lying if I said I wasn't afraid. But I rest in kn owing it is all for the glory of God. God has and continues to use even the preparation for this trip as a way of opening doors and a way to share my life's journey as well as my passion. I know God is only getting started and I am thrilled to see all that will be done.

      In addition to this I am also going to be partnering with an organization called Tom's shoes. Where I will be donating all funds I collect above what is needed to cover my immediate needs in making it across the country. I highly encourage you to check out this Organization you can go to there website at for all the information. For those of you that haven't heard of Tom's shoes it is a very unique non-profit organization, which looks at the true needs of the needy, focusing on children in Africa and on helping them obtain essentials like footwear. Now you may be thinking Why Shoes? I mean after all many of these children have no or very limited food, water, housing, education etc. Well as I am preparing to walk across America I have realize just how critical shoes are. Children living in such poverty don't have shoes and may never have the opportunity to own them yet they are always on there feet always in danger from no shoes. They do not live in America with pavement, cement floors, etc they live in what we would likely call the wilderness. One of the major causes for disease in these countries are soil-transmitted diseases, which penetrate through the skin of bare feet. Shoes could prevent theses as well as cuts, sores, and many other painful and dangerous wounds something as simple as a cut could mean death with no way of preventing infections . Shoes are also often one of the major barriers in preventing children from receiving an education as schools require students to have shoes. As you can see shoes are really very valuable. Please look into this organization buy there products if you can and help me raise awareness of this need as I walk the country.