Saturday, February 16, 2013


So a while back, soon after I came up with the idea of waling across the country some friends of mine told me about this thing called geocashing.   It sounded a little odd but fun, and I just had no idea where to start or what it really was.  Well roughly 6 months later my parents bought me a handheld GPS for Christmas which is sure to be a huge help on my walk.  Anyways the GPS had a feature for Geocaching!  Yeah it was the middle of winter but it  intrigued me none the less.  So I went and downloaded all the caches in the area and started the hunt every time I was close by.  Ended up rummaging through a graveyard four counties away on multiple occasions even dug up a grave, and lost my phone lol.  But I kept coming up empty.  So I began to do some research, even started reading Geocashing for dumbies lol.  I got some tips then was headed to Philly with a friend where I thought surely I would be able to find some as there were a million on my map in Philly and hundreds on the way.  Yeah that might be a slight exaggeration with the million but still.  Nonetheless we went and searched, got to see parts of Philly we would have never seen otherwise which was a lot of fun but no geocaches to be found.   :(  Bummed but still determined to find some I did more inquiring and discovered I had been using the wrong or rather a secondary site to discover them all along.  I then discovered the official site, and was not long after I found my first cashe and am up to 31 to date.