Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Training has Commenced

I have been starting slow, walking though my woods and some new awesome spots I have found. I am looking for suggestions especially longer 10+ mile trails that are close. I will be tracking all my mileage, making notes of what to bring and do for the real thing, and getting a better gauge for how long the whole country may take me. Ideally I
would like to walk 6,000 miles prior to taking off across the country, but that ability to accomplish that goal depends on when I am able to leave. But as of now I have hiked 29.6 miles in the last two weeks. In addition I have been trying to camp out when I can only have once so far but surely more in the near future. Certain have a ways to go but I have learned a few things along the way.

Rule #1 : Flip-flops do not constitute as hiking appropriate attire.

Unfortunately it took me 2 mishaps to realize this one, even though I am pretty sure most non-hikers could have told me this too. Clearly I have much to learn. In my first mistake I went hiking out in the woods at Oakley Corners with my Daddy one Sunday after church wearing flip-flops and tripped over a tree root, didn't fall or anything just caught the bottom portion of my big toe and ripped all the skin right off it. Didn't hurt much but sure did bleed everywhere good thing there wasn't any bears sniffing out human blood or I would have been a goner for sure. You think I would have learned but less than a week latter when my mom, sister, Tessa and I went down to NYC for the day what do I wear? Flip-flops and not even good ones, cheap ones that left me with 6 blisters and mighty sore feet. So no more flip-flops while hiking or walking the city for that matter for me.

Rule#2 : Beware of Bugs

One of the trails I went on was massively invested with ants I counted over 78 massive ant hills on the trail in less than a mile. And they weren't the nice kind either, but the mean red biting kind, not sure how many bits they got of my but it wasn't fun.

Rule #3: Never Underestimate Ones Appetite

Perhaps it is simply because I am not used to doing much all that active, but its been crazy how hungry I have been and how much I seem to wanna eat. I have always had a huge appetite, but it is getting worse defiantly going to have to find a way to curb that or better ways of acquiring and carrying filling foods with me while I hike.

Rule #4: Dirty is no longer Dirty

I have experienced a whole new kind of dirty, literally covered in mud head to toe and that was only after less than a ten mile hike one day. I expected that hiking across the country was going to be a messy one but have a feeling it is a whole new level of what I can imagine.

Rule #5: Always dress in layers

I get super hot when I hike even if it is in the shade and super cold at night. Will certainly be wanting a warm sleeping bag and the ability to have shorts and a tank top in the day for the summer.

Thanks for keeping up to date with my progress and I will be sure to fill you in. Also great news I have been making great progress in my funds have collected over a dozen dimes!! My funds total $1.30 from 4 amazing supporters. Be sure to stay tuned, I will announce the winner at the end of the month.

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